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“There comes a time for a lawyer to step away from what has been and into what will be.”

This website is about lawyer retirement coaching – guiding attorneys into the “what’s next” for them, be it a traditional retirement or a recalibration of their law practice to better reflect who they are at this time of life.

Becoming a lawyer is a grind: making the grades to get into law school, making it out, passing the Bar, and then buckling down to a legal career that, while it can be rewarding and satisfying, can be challenging and stressful. Congratulations on making it through. Now, however, your career is winding down. You have achieved what you have achieved and your years ahead are fewer than you would like. But those years ahead can be some of the best in your life.

How do you make sure that will happen? The answer is, as in most things, creating a plan plus working the plan to success.

But success to one attorney is not the same as it is to another attorney. One lawyer might count down the days until retirement amid visions of travel and grandchildren visits while another might not look forward to the loss of the money and the prestige of a law practice. Both are right of course: lawyers, like everyone, have different values.

The important thing is that they each should have a clear vision of what they want, be it a traditional “retirement” or a “recalibration” of their law practice with guardrails in place to ensure a satisfying personal life. And often the “recalibration” is a step taken toward a future “traditional” retirement.

What about you? We all have different circumstances we deal with, different professional and personal situations to juggle, obligations to honor and goals we want to fulfill in the time we have. I encourage you to start now. Take the time to think through what you want your “what’s next” to be like: who you are, really; what you truly value; what is possible; what you want your life be like over the next 10, 20, 30 years.

You probably have known senior lawyers who continue to come to the office long after the need to do so has passed. They do some work, sure, but in general they don’t get much done. Going to work is more of a habit than anything. It’s comfortable, it’s familiar. There is nothing wrong with that but often they are hanging on because they don’t know what else to do with their life. What a waste. Don’t let that happen to you.

If you would like a guide, an experienced lawyer retirement coach, to help you along the path from what “has been” to “what will be” contact me and we will set up a telephone call or Zoom conference.